Original works: 2015-2017

Digitalized People (2015) – A work for ‘Digital Witness’ music by St. Vincent

This work was selected by a charity Secret 7″ 2015 and exhibited at Somerset House in London, UK. I illustrated that people were getting to be no-expression feeling and faces in digitalised living by listening her song.



Nigh Nigh (2015)

for e charity exhibition CAT POWER 2015 by L’illustre Galerie LE MONDE

I Have Monsters (2015)

A Fun In The Rain (2015)


らんらんはしゃぐよらんらんらん (2015)

January (2016)

Full (March) (2016)

Inside Head (2016)

for an exhibition CAT POWER 2017 by L’illustre Galerie LE MONDE

Let’s Go (2016)

Cinema Night (2017)

At The Cafe (2017)

クリームパンのような夢 (2017)

きらりふわり (2017)